What is Visual Journalism?
Visual Journalism wants to render complex issues understandable and attractive, while depicting them concisely, based on rational arguments and facts. It is a focus field of design, research and teaching of Kris Krois, Matteo Moretti, Gianluca Seta and Lisa Borgenheimer at the Faculty of Design and Art @ unibz. Here we present mainly works, which were designed by student teams in our projects that bring together teaching and research.

We drown in news, but are we well-informed?

None-withstanding the enormous flood of daily news it is hard to understand current issues. News are too fragmented to get the picture and issues are too complex to fit into news fragments. On the other hand in-depth articles do come to terms with complex issues, but most people are not ready to invest effort and time for such demanding reading. Information design can help out of this dilemma. Visualizations can render complex issues clear and make them accessible. Visual language can put information in context and show interrelations. Graphics and images can be attractive and deep at the same time. They can capture the viewer’s attention, get across an idea on the first view, and allow deeper understanding on the second and the third view. This kind of visual story telling is gaining both popularity and relevance – in different tastes and terms, referred to as data journalism, docu clips, (animated) infographics, white board animation, etc.

In our teaching and research we  explore this field and learn about its concepts, methods and techniques. Together with collaborators, partners and students we develop visual solutions for of hot topics to stimulate interest and facilitate understanding. We bring together designers, statisticians, programmers, journalists and experts. They collaborate in researching and digesting issues in a way that enable us designers to develop visualizations and visual stories.

We are happy about collaborations.
You have an interesting issue and related research on it? You are trained in data analysis? You are programming data visualizations and interactive applications? You have developed skills in info-graphics, illustration, motion graphics and/or typography? You are an writer, speaker, actor, sound designer or musician?

You want to contribute your competences in an transdisciplinary team to tell stories that matter in (audio)visual ways? Please contact us.

You are a publisher?
If you are interested in a collaboration or you want to use existing works, let’s talk.